Who has set up IIIT Kalyani ?

The IIIT Kalyani has been set up by MHRD, Government of India, Government of West Bengal and Industry Partners.

What is the role of Mentor Director ?

Mentor Director acts as the Director of IIIT, Kalyani till a regular Director is appointed. Our Mentor Director is the Director of IIT Kharagpur which is one of the oldest institutions for engineering education in India.

How can I get admission to IIIT Kalyani ?

The admission to IIIT, Kalyani is entirely through Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB). For details of admission procedures of CSAB 2015 please click www.csab.nic.in.

What are the courses offered in IIIT Kalyani ?

The course offered in the Academic Year 2015-16 are B. Tech. in Information Technology and B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering.

How to reach IIIT Kalyani ?

IIIT Kalyani is 45 kms away from the Kolkata Airport. Kalyani is easily accessible by road and rail transport. The link Location will give the idea as to how to reach Kalyani.

Where will be the classes conducted in this year ?

The temporary location selected by Government of West Bengal for conducting the classes of IIIT Kalyani is JIS College of Engineering. This college is just opposite to the site of IIIT Kalyani and has a wide range of facilities.

Where should I come and take the admission after the counselling is over ?

All the interested candidates should report at the temporary location i.e. JIS College of Engineering on the specified dates mentioned in the CSAB Admission Procedure. For clarification please call (33) 2582 2240.

Who are the faculty members in IIIT Kalyani ?

The Faculty members are from reputed institutions and colleges like Kalyani University, IIT Kharagpur etc. The Institute will also pull the faculty resources from other institutions in the nearby location and has already initiated selection process for full-time faculties.

Can I get accommodation facilities at Kalyani ?

Since it will take some time to build the campus of IIIT Kalyani with all the facilities, the Institute has been able to arrange private accommodation within nearby locality (to pay basis).

Do I have an access to the facilities available at the temporary location ?

The academic facilities required for the students of IIIT Kalyani will be made available to them.

What will be the degree conferred to the students for Undergraduate studies ?

The degree that is conferred to students after completion of courses is B. Tech.

When will be the main campus ready and fully operational with all State-of-the-Art facilities ?

The main campus should be made operative from the first half of 2017. Construction of the new campus over an area of 50 acres has already been initiated.

For more information of the Mentor Institute, visit the site www.iitkgp.ac.in