The Logo

Conch : A Conch is one of the ancient media or instrument for conveying information one to others. Not only this, Conch is a sacred instrument which is blown at the time of commencement of any journey or "Yajna".

Pigeon : Pigeons were used as secret agent for delivering information from one man to another as well as one state to another. Therefore, a flying Pigeon here is very much significant in the field of Information Technology.

Radar : In modern technology, radar is the most useful instrument in this field. So, it denotes the importance and gravity of the study.

Name of the Institute : "Indian Institute of Information Technology" is inscribed in a semi-circular path as it can be visible in any size or side of the Logo. Just under that name , "Kalyani" is inscribed at the base of the Tree.

Sanskrit 'sloka' : This Sanskrit Sloka denotes "The wealth of Knowledge is the greatest of all wealth" which should be the spirit of the students of the Institution. This Sanskrit Sloka is unique in comparison of other institutes.